Welcome to the Walnut Creek Family YMCA's Aquatic Page!
Our six lane lap pool serves over hundreds of swimmers through programs that help build a healthy spirit, mind and body! Classes in the pool range from beginner to advanced and stretching to intense cardio. We truly have something for everybody!

6 months to 3 years: Waterbabies!                This instructor led class combines games, songs, and toys to help parents introduce their infants to the water in a fun and safe way.  It’s a great way to get your child started off early in the water.
3 years to 5years: Pre-school lessons!These lessons introduce children to swimming and water safety as well as basic swim technique.  Through our pre-school lessons children can realize that learning to swim can be fun!  (We maintain a 4:1 ratio of child to instructor for these lessons)
6 years to 14 years:  School age lessons!We also offer school age lessons for youth to learn how to swim, want to become better swimmers, and those who may want to be on swim team as they get older.  While still fun, these lessons focus more on swim technique and learning more advanced skills such as diving.  Stokes covered throughout school age lessons include the front crawl(freestyle), back crawl, elementary backstroke, butterfly, sidestroke, and breaststroke.
15 Years and up:   Adult lessons!Are you an adult who needs some help learning how to swim or improving your stroke?  Then adult lessons is the program for you.  Its never to late to learn how to swim.  If you feel like its time to learn sign up for the adult lessons and be guided through the basics by our instructors.  If you know how to stay afloat but don’t know proper technique very well our intermediate adult lessons class is for you.
Please see for more program information and online registration

Water Ex ClassesThe pool is a great place to workout for many reasons including:
• Easier on the joints
• Improves flexibility
• Improves cardiovascular endurance
• Improves core strength
• Burns large amounts of calories
• Its FUN!
The Walnut Creek YMCA offers several types of water exercise classes to give members different options based on your water comfort, workout intensity, and overall health.

Shallow H2OUsing the resistance of the water, this class provides an aerobic and stretching workout adaptable to all ages and fitness levels.  You get a great workout without the impact of the land aerobics.  This is a great class to do if you’re just starting to get into fitness, or if your looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a low impact class.

Deep Water ClassThe deep-water class is ideal for aerobic and muscle conditioning.  Water belts and floatation devices such as, barbells and noodles, are used to provide a great workout with no impact. 

Aqua MovementFun and easy exercises in water to increase or maintain range of motion and flexibility while promoting joint protection. (Arthritis type class)  This class is a fun way to keep the body active throughout the later years of life.