Monday, September 9, 2013

Tri and Treat Indoor Triathalon


Get your costume ready! We are gearing up for third annual Tri and Treat! You can participate as an individual or get a team together. The legs are timed and you cover as much distance as you can during the give time.

Click here for more details. Sign up at the Welcome Center or by calling 224-1888.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Yearly Closings

August 19th – September 8th
*Refinishing the floors in the gym and Aerobics Studio will cause unpleasant odors for a couple of days. If you are sensitive to smells or pregnant feel free to contact us prior to coming to check on the progress of the floor refinishing.

August 19th – August 25th
*All classes in the studio and gym will be cancelled, but all CYCLING classes will take place as scheduled!

August 25th – September 1st

August 25th – September 1st
*Just the showers will be closed, the rest of the locker room will be open and available to use!

YMCA Healthy Living Center will be available to use August 19th-September 1st

Thursday, January 31, 2013

YMCA Basketball Postseason a Success!

This past Friday and Saturday, our YMCA Basketball League players and families had two great events to participate in. On Friday, hundreds of players and their families attended YMCA Night at the Iowa Energy game! Discounted tickets and a pregame clinic for all the kids, taught by the Energy players! Then, on Saturday, over 40 teams 3rd grade and older from the Walnut Creek, Waukee and South Suburban branches participated in our annual tournaments played throughout the metro area.

There were a lot of great games and a lot of great sportsmanship moments! We celebrate sportsmanship just as much as we do the tournament winners, as we have dozens of sportsmanship plaques to award to individuals throughout the day who show exemplary sportsmanship. Kids were seen helping up their teammates and opponents, encouraging teammates who were struggling, and even admitting to the referee the ball was out of bounds off of them.

Here are the results from our Tournaments, starting with some of the Sportsmanship Award winners!

Natalie Thomas – Mini Maroons
Macie Dunning – Mini Maroons
Maddie Vermaas – Hawks (3rd/4th Girls)
Greta Dahlen – Wildcats (3rd/4th Girls)
Jayden Krout – Shock
Caden Johnson – Wildcats (3rd/4th Boys)
Ben Bocken – Royals
Victor Cruz
Carter Jensen
Jayden Singleton – Hawks, coach Johnson
Andrew Benson – Magic
Alex Rodriquez – Heat
Paul Johnson – Wildcats
Payton Chapman – Hawks, coach Grevengoed (Pictured)

3rd/4th Girls winner –Sparks  (Coach Scott Bates) Runner up - Mini Maroons

3rd/4th boys winner – Riders (Coach Jeff Stickel) - Runner up - Aces

5th/6th Boys winner – Hawks (Coach Jayson Grevengoed) Runner-up - Hawks (Coach Tracy Palmer)

5th/6th Girls Winner – Mystics  - Runner-Up -  Spirit

7th Grade Boys Winner- Bulls  - Runner-Up - Magic

Here's a look at the fun from our Iowa Energy pregame clinic!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

All evening classes will be held tonight as scheduled! Hope to see you tonight!
 The snow has arrived!

All kids classes have been cancelled for this morning. Group Exercise classes are still running as normal! Check here for updates later today about evening activities.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ice Breaker

We had a blast yesterday morning with everyone that came to particpate in the Ice Breaker! Check out all of the pictures on our facebook page at

Congrats to all of the winners and first time participants!